Visible Forbidden Transitions of Highly Charged Ions
D. Kato*, T. Fukami#,T. Kinugawa*, S. Ohtani*,#, H. Watanabe* and C. Yamada#
* Cold Trapped Ions Project, Japan Science & Technology Co. , Tokyo, Japan
# University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan
Visible forbidden transitions of highly charged I, Xe, Cs and Ba ions were
observed with Tokyo Electron-Beam Ion Trap (Tokyo-EBIT). Wavelengths and
oscillator strengths of the magnetic-dipole transition between ground-state
fine-structure levels were calculated for titaniumlike ions of various
elements. The wavelengths were compared with the measurements with the
Tokyo-EBIT; the present calculations reduced discrepancy in the wavelengths
down to below 1%.