Absolute Photoionization Cross Section for C+
F. Folkmann,J.E.Hansen(x), H.Kjeldsen, H.Knudsen, M.S.Rasmussen,
J.B.West(y),   and T.Andersen
Institute of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus, Denmark
x) Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
y) Daresbury Laboratory, UK

The absolute photoionization cross section for the astrophysically important
C+ ion has been measured for the first time allowing a critical test of the
predicted cross section from the OPACITY project.In addition to the
predicted 2s2p(3P)np  2D and 2S autoionizing resonances, the 2P states also
contribute significantly to the ionization yield below the 2s2p(3P) limit.