Title: Effect of Autoionizaion on (1+2)-photon Above-Threshold Ionization
       of H2 Molecules
Authors: Krishna Rai Dastidar and Ratan Kumar Das 
Affiliations: Department of Spectroscopy, Indian Association for the 
              Cultivation of Science, Calcutta - 700032, India
Summary:  We have theoretically studied the effect of autoionization through 
the doubly excited autoionizing states of u-symmetry, on the photoelctron 
energy spectrum (PES) in (1+2)-photon above threshold ionization of H2 
molecules. Both dissociative autoionization and autoionization to the bound 
vibrational levels of H2+ ion have been considered. We have shown that the PES 
is oscillatory in nature and shows structure similar to that observed in a 
recent experiment by Rottke et. al., J. Phys. B, Vol. 30, 4049 (1997).