Long-lived States of N(2)- : Formation, Lifetimes and Identity.
T. Andersen, K.A.Bertelsen, J.Olsen(x), M.Raarup, N.Rud, and L.Veseth(y)
Institute of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus,Denmark
x)Instute of Chemistry, University of Aarhus,Denmark
y)Institute of Physics,University of Oslo,Norway

At least two long-lived metastable states of N(2)- are generated by
sputtering surfaces of TiN or BN with keV Cs+ ions. The lifetimes of the
metastable species have been measured at the ASTRID storage ring.
Experimental investigations of the charge exchange of N(2)+ ions in alkali
metal vapour and theoretical calculations support the assumption that the
long-lived N(2)- ions originate from the attachment of an electron to a
quintet state of the N(2) molecule.