Threshold Photoelectron Spectroscopy of HF in the Inner Valence Ionization

A.J. Yencha(1), M.C.A. Lopes(2,3), M.A. MacDonald(4), G.C. King(2)

(1) University at Albany
(2) Manchester University
(3) Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora
(4) CLRC Daresbury Laboratory

The threshold photoelectron (TPE) spectrum of hydrogen fluoride has been re-
corded at good resolution (about  50 meV) encompassing the inner valence ion-
ization region.  The TPE spectrum is characterized by the dominant "main-line"
for (2ssigma)-1 ionization followed by an extensive region of broad satellite
ion bands.  The results of this study contrast with the findings for TPES of
the inner valence ionization region of the heavier halogen acids.