High Resolution Emission Spectroscopy of  the
A - X  Fourth Positive Band System of CO from Electron Impact

Luther W. Beegle, Joseph M. Ajello, Geoffrey K. James, Marcos Alvarez and
Dariusz Dziczek
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,
California 91109 USA

We report electron-impact induced fluorescence spectra [300 mA full width
at half maximum (FWHM)] of CO for 20 and 100
eV impact energies of the spectral region of 1300 to 2050 A and high
resolution spectra (FWHM) of the v'=5 to v''=1 
and the v'=3 to v''=0 bands showing that the rotational structure of the
band system are modeled accurately. The 
excitation function of the  (0,1) band (1597 A) was measured from electron
impact in the energy range from threshold 
to 750 eV and placed on an absolute scale from modern calibration standards.