Title: Electron Attachment to 1,4-C6F4BrX(X=F,Cl,Br)
Authors: Seiko NAKAGAWA and Toshinari SHIMOKAWA
Affiliations: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
 We have studied anions produced from electron attachment to 1,4-C6F4BrX(X
=F,Cl,Br) and its temperature dependence using with negative chemical
ionization mass spectrometry. For all molecules, M-(M =parent molecule),
(M-Br)-, and Br- were produced. Temperature dependence of the relative
ratio, (M-Br)-/Br- can lead relative trend of  electron affinity of (M-Br)
radical and it is correlated with atomic charge distribution of (M-Br)-
calculated with Hartree-Fock method.