Radiative Lifetime Measurement of the $a^3\Sigma^+$ Metastable State of NO$^+$ Using
a Linear Electrostatic Ion Trap
R. Wester$^1$, K. G. Bhushan$^2$, N. Altstein$^2$, and D. Zajfman$^2$   
$^1$ Max-Planck-Institut f\"{u}r Kernphysik, D-69029, Heidelberg, Germany
$^2$ Department of Particle Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, 76100,
A new type of ion trap is used to measure the radiative lifetime of the
NO$^+$($a^3\Sigma^+$) metastable state. The ion trap is designed to store ion beams
with an energy of a few keV and is well suited for the study of metastable states.