Title:  Positron magnesium scattering in
         intermediate energies

 Authors: Y Zhou^{1}, K Ratnavelu^{2} Z Zhou^{1} and J Pang^{1}

 Affliations: {2} Institute of Mathematical Sciences
              University of Malaya
              50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
              {1} Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics
              National Laboratory of Theoretical and Computational
              Chemistry, Jilin University
                 Changchun, China, 130023  

 Summary: Ionization cross section, positronium cross section,the 
          Elastic and inelastic differential cross section and total
          scattering cross section have been calculated for positron
          scattering from magnesium at intermediate energies. The 
          method used is the coupled channels optical method that can
          take all channels into account. The theoretical results are
          compared with experimental measurements and the corresponding
          electron-magnesium scattering