Charge Transfer Processes of  H Atom Collision with Proton, a Case Study
by Solving Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation

X. M. Tong, D. Kato, T. Watanabe* and S. Ohtani

Cold Trapped Ions Project, ICORP, JST, Axis Chofu 3F, 1-40-2 Fuda
Chofu,Tokyo 182-0024, Japan

* Physics Dept., International Christian University, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
181-8585 Japan

Here, we present a theoretical study of the charge transfer process of H
atom collision with the proton by solving time dependent Schrodinger
equation. This is a full quantum, non-perturbation calculation and it
services as  (1) a test for the numerical method, (2) precursor work for
many electron charge transfer process and (3) understanding the dynamic
process of the charge transfer process. By decomposing the
time-dependent wave function, we can study the detail dynamic
information of charge transfer process.