Transportation from Narita Airport to Univ. of Electro-Communications

Univ. of Electro-Communications is located near Chofu station in 10 min. walk.
Here is a map around Chofu Station and a campus map. I am in bld. East-6 (No. 13 on the campus map)

The following are three basic routes (as of Apri 27, 2017)
A)"Airport Limousine bus", VERY EASY, 100-130 min., 3,200 JPY (They take major credit cards at Narita, but not at Chofu)
    Airport lomousine bus goes directly to Chofu Station. Tickets are available at the desks in the Airport terminals. See the web sites for more information, and for the time table.

B)"JR Narita Express(NEX)  + Keio line" EASY,  ~120min. 3,430 JPY
   NEX train goes to Shinjuku terminal station (80 min., 3,190 JPY). From Shinjuku station, take Keio line (Special Express, Express, Semi-Express, Rapid, NOT local) and get off at Chofu station (20 min., 240JPY).

C)"Keisei Line + Toei Subway + Keio line'' CHEAP, ~130min., 1,410 JPY
   Take Keisei line (Limited Express NOT Sky Liner NOR Sky express) and go to "Keisei Yawata'' station (50 min., 800 JPY). Then, change to "Moto Yawata" station of Toei Subway Shinjuku line (5min. walk from Keisei Yawata). Take Semi express or rapid train bound for Chofu or Hashimoto, marked as "B", "A" or "B" or "C" on the time table for week days and for week ends (Sat, Sun, Hollydays),  and get off at Chofu Statation (50 min., 610 JPY). These Toei-Keio trains direcly go to Chofu station without exchange. This is cheapest, but the connection from "Keisei Yawata" to "Motoyawata" is a bit complicated --- You need to carry your luggage on a couple of long stairs or go around to find an elevator/escalator.