Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Seminar/Attosecond Quantum Dynamics Seminar

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Date & Time   : Nov 13, 2018, 15:00-17:15
Place             : Bldg. E6-803
Poster           : Click here

10:00-11:00     FREE DISCUSSION (E6-525)

14:45-15:00     FREE DISCUSSION (E6-525)

Speaker         : Prof. Jiro Itatani, Univ. of Tokyo
Title              : Polarization analysis of high harmonic generation in crystalline solids
Abstract        :
High harmonics (HHs) are produced in a semiconductor GaSe by using intense mid-infrared pulses. The polarization analysis with crystal rotation shows that the two origins of solid HHs, namely, the intraband current and interband polarization, behave differently. We also show that the HHs originated from intraband current is directly related to the band structure, which has mathematical similarity to molecular orbital tomography.

16:00-16:15     FREE DISCUSSION


Speaker         : Prof. C. D. Lin, Kansas State University
Title              : A new method for spectral phase retrieval of single attosecond pulses utilizing the Auto-correlation of photoelectron streaking spectra Polarization analysis of high harmonic generation in
Abstract        :
We have developed a new algorithm for retrieving the spectral phase of an isolated attosecond pulse based on the photoelectron spectra generated in atoms by the attosecond pulse in the presence of a time-delayed infrared laser. Instead of employing the whole set of the streaking spectra as in the previous phase retrieval algorithms, we calculated the autocorrelation (AC) of the streaking trace, and used it to extract the spectral phase. We illustrate that this method can be used to extract narrow- as well as broad-band attosecond pulses.  For narrow–band pulses, this method does not have the limitation of the FROG-CRAB. We showed that the accuracy of the retrieved phase is best evaluated by comparing the AC of the experimental trace and the AC of the retrieved trace. For broadband pulses, we claimed that existing reported attosecond pulses in the soft-X-ray region have not been correctly retrieved.

17:15-17:45    FREE DISCUSSION (E6-525)

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